BlueFlex Plug-and-Play ECA with Bluetooth ('02-early'07)

  • BlueFlex Plug-and-Play ECA with Bluetooth ('02-early'07)
  • BlueFlex Plug-and-Play ECA with Bluetooth ('02-early'07)

$ 179.99



Whether you have an E85 tune or you are setting up a full flex fuel enabled vehicle, has a module that will complement your setup. bluetooth modules support ethanol content and fuel temperature data streaming to android phones as well as built in sensor error detection and analog 0-5v output for ECU datalogging. Our modules can be used to supply a converted ethanol content signal to the vehicle's ECU for datalogging and/or be used to monitor ethanol levels with an android smartphone on cars tuned on specific ethanol blends. ECUs with flex fuel support can also use this converted signal for flex fuel calculations to provide complete performance flex fuel operation. has many options available ranging from basic low-cost solutions to full plug-and-play systems for popular tuner platforms such as Subaru and Mitsubishi.

Our modules convert the standard digital output from popular GM ethanol content sensors to an ECU friendly 0-5v analog output. Fuel temperature and error mode detection are also utilized to get the most out of the available information and provide a rich feature set at half the cost of other ethanol content modules on the market.

Analog output values for modules are 0.5v = 0% Ethanol and 4.5v = 100% Ethanol. Output will drop to 0-volts upon detection of a sensor error to alert the ECU that a problem has occurred. modules also include a calibration mode that will allow the analog output to be precisely calibrated to the vehicle for the utmost accuracy.



Plug-and-Play modules are designed specifically for Subaru turbo vehicles to provide a 100% trouble free ease of installation. Getting an ethanol content signal to your ecu and android phone is as easy as fitting an ethanol content sensor to your Subaru's fuel return line and plugging our module into the existing factory harness connectors. These modules come in three variants, an explanation of each variant is provided below. Please choose which variant you would like for your vehicle in the drop down box above. We also have a Speed Density option available that includes a plug-and-play IAT sensor connector for Speed Density use and will send the ethanol content signal to your ECU through the MAF signal wire. Check our tech section for instructions on setting up the logger to log sensor voltage inputs as ethanol content.



Rear O2 signal: Good for Subaru's without TGV deletes, requires direct Rear O2 voltage logging which may not be available on all Subaru models. The Rear O2 sensor must be disabled in the vehicle's tune. Currently the CarBerry ROM for 16bit (02-05 drive-by-cable cars) fully supports this option.

Speed Density: This option sends the converted ethanol signal to the MAF signal input and also adds a plug-and-play GM IAT connector to make switching to Speed Density and Flex Fuel easier than ever.

None (Passthrough on Rear O2): This option is useful for those who just want the bluetooth ethanol content readout with the android Blue Flex application. The module will tap into the power and ground wires at the Rear O2 connector but will not affect the O2 signal to the ECU. The ethanol content signal is not sent to the ECU but the signal wire will still be included for possible future use.



Our modules work with most GM ethanol sensors!